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Ordering Information



           How to Place an Order              Special Order Instruments          designs remain the property of
                                                                                 HuFriedyGroup. To receive a
           Our instruments may be ordered     We manufacture an extensive        quotation for a custom instrument,
           through an authorized dental       selection of instruments. We       please provide: 1)  An actual
           distributor. Your dental distributor   welcome the opportunity to     sample and/or a detailed written
           will take your order and ship      manufacture instruments on a       description that includes all
           the product to you. If you have    special order basis. Instruments   dimensions and  measurements.
           questions prior to placing an order   that are currently available but are   For example: bend angle(s),  point
           or would like to place an order    desired in an alternative tip/handle   width(s), length(s), radius(radii),
           for HuFriedyGroup products,        selection or are a special school   bevel  angle(s), handle design,
           please contact our Customer Care   pattern, are considered special    special material  requirements, etc.
           Team via the contact information   order instruments. Price quotations   2) Provide the name and phone
           on the following page. We will     are available upon request. Submit   number of your dental distributor.
           need to know your distributor      all special order requests to      This information will be used to
           preference because your order will   HuFriedyGroup Customer Care  at   prepare a price quotation. Pre-
           automatically be shipped and billed All special   payment of an initial prototype
           through your dental distributor. If   order instruments are  the property   fee and  written approval of the
           you do not have a dental distributor,   of Hu-Friedy.                 price quotation is required to
           an authorized distributor listing   Custom Design Instruments         begin production. All prototype
           is available from our website at                                      set-up fees are non-refundable.
       (Hu-Friedy Brand Only)             Subsequent orders (more than
           distributors                       We are a leader in the             two years) after the initial order are
           Customer Care Department           development, manufacturing         subject to additional prototyping
                                              and distribution of quality dental   charges. All custom designs are
           We are proud of our highly trained,   instruments as well as products   the property of HuFriedyGroup
           qualified  and professional        and services related to their use,
           Customer Care Team. They are       maintenance and management.        HuFriedyGroup Guarantee
           dedicated to helping you meet      We will be pleased to review       Any HuFriedyGroup product that
           your needs. Feel free to call a    and provide a quote for custom     fails as a result of material defect
           HuFriedyGroup Customer Care        designed instruments if we can     or poor workmanship will be
           Representative when special        meet your needs. Minimums          repaired or replaced at no charge.
           assistance is needed.              may be required. All custom        We cannot be responsible for the

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