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Conscious Sedation Delivery Options


                                                             •  Can move between operatories for
                                                                increased flexibility.

                                                             •  Occupies less space and no requirement for
                                                                central storage unit.

                                                             •  Utilizes E cylinders and is an optimal solution
                                                                when frequency of administration is low.

                                                             •  Available in enclosed option to keep cylinders
                                                                out of sight and make disinfection faster.


                                                             •  Optimal solution when nitrous oxide/oxygen
                                                                sedation is used frequently.

                                                             •  Requires central storage area for cylinders
                                                                and initial investment in gas storage system.

                                                             •  Utilizes G and H cylinders so more
                                                                cost-effective over time.


                                                             •  Eliminate long mixed gas and vacuum hoses
                                                                draping from adjacent cabinets.

                                                             •  Create uncluttered, safer work zone for
                                                                doctor and staff.

                                                             •  Minimize displacement of patient mask caused
                                                                by drag/pull and weight of long hoses.

                                                             •  Kits available for a wide variety of
                                                                dental chair brands.

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