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Flowmeters   •  Accutron™ Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Flowmeter

                                                                The Accutron™ Digital Ultra™ Flowmeters

                                                                are designed for clinicians who prefer

                                                                to work in a digital environment but
                      Accutron™                                 want critical parameters displayed both

                   Digital Ultra™                               numerically and as electronic flow tubes.

                    Flowmeters                                  With multiple configurations available

                  & Accessories                                 to suit the needs of your practice, the

                                                                Accutron™ Digital Ultra™ Flowmeter
                                                                also features color-coded, fingertip

                                                                controls, a sealed flush surface for easy

                                                                disinfection or barrier protection and a

                                                                clean, contemporary design.

           Accutron™ Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Flowmeter

           Our Accutron™ Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Flowmeters features automatic compensation to
           easily adjust total flow or gas ratio while the other stays constant and include both digital and
           electronic flowtube displays for ease of use.

           For patient safety, the maximum nitrous oxide ratio is 70%. Audible and visual alarms provide
           notification of low oxygen. For additional safety, these Flowmeters feature oxygen fail-safe
           and flush.

                                                                                  Learn more about our Accutron™
                                                                                  Digital Ultra™ Flowmeters.

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