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Who We Are

                                     HuFriedyGroup is a global leader in dental instrument
                                     manufacturing, infection prevention, and instrument

                                     reprocessing workflows, with over 200 years of

                                     collective experience in the dental industry.

                                     HuFriedyGroup is the combination of Accutron,

                                     Crosstex International, Hu-Friedy, and Palmero

                                     Healthcare, united under one roof to deliver the

                                     products, services, and solutions that dental
                                     professionals need to be The Best in Practice.

                                     Together, we bring world-class products, services,

                                     education, and communities, resulting in superior

                                     clinician performance, clinical outcomes, and safety
                                     for clinicians and patients. Headquartered in Chicago,

                                     HuFriedyGroup distributes products in more than 100

                                     countries, and the dental division maintains offices in
                                     Germany, Italy, China, and Japan.

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