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Ordering Information

           any HuFriedyGroup instrument       compromise the structural integrity   How to Contact
           that  has been tampered with,      of the instrument and our quality   HuFriedyGroup
           modified, retipped, or refitted in   standards. In addition, there is a   (U.S., Canada & International)
           any manner. See HuFriedyGroup.     high degree of potential risk to all   1-773-975-6100
           com/services/warranties full       parties inherent in such a service.
           product warranty details.          Therefore, retipping or repointing
                                              instruments will void the warranty
           Returns, Repair &                  HuFriedyGroup offers.
           Reconditioning                                                        Customer Care
           Complete service for               Canadian Sales                     1-800-HuFriedy
           HuFriedyGroup instruments and      Note: Some of the devices and/or
           IMS™ Cassettes is available in our   products advertised may not be   Fax: 1-800-729-1299 or
           Chicago facility. Please contact   licensed for sale in accordance    1-773-975-1683
           us with any questions or concerns   with Canadian law.      
           regarding HuFriedyGroup
           instruments. Call 1-888-TEC-
           TECH (1-888-832-8324) and you                                         Schools & Institutions
           will automatically be connected                                       1-877-321-HFED
           with the HuFriedyGroup Technical                                      (1-877-321-4333)
           Service Representative who                                            Fax: 1-866-434-3576
           covers your area. All returns
           should be sent to:  HuFriedyGroup                           
           Technical Service  3232 N.
           Rockwell St., Chicago, IL 60618.                                      Government Team

           For the repair and service of                               
           HuFriedyGroup EMS products call
           1-888-456-7895 or email                                               Technical Service

           No Retipping                                                          (1-888-832-8324)
           We do not repoint or retip                                            Fax: 1-773-868-3544
           instruments.  To do so would

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